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Have you ever left a comment on someone’s blog and noticed that some people have their pictures show up, & others have some sort of generic default image?

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognizable “profile picture”, a.k.a. Avatar. Hence the name G-R-Avatar. It is a way for you to have a profile picture that will automatically show up wherever you identify yourself using the email account you’ve assigned to it. In other words:

“Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.” (via Gravatar home page)

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Once you have a Gravatar, anytime you leave a comment on a blog, or send an email (as long as the site is Gravatar-friendly) people will have a face to go along with your name (or email address).

Why do you need a Gravatar, you say? Well, it’s simple to do, will give you a more professional web presence, and will increase the likelihood that people will interact with you (because it makes you seem more like a real person). You do want people to engage with you right? Just checking. It will especially come in handy if you follow one of the future posts in this Social Media Rockstar series. 😉

To get yourself a Gravatar, simply visit, sign up with your desired email address, pick a password, & upload a respectable image of your smiling face. Smiling is just a suggestion. You can upload whatever you want, but just make sure that it represents you the way you want to be perceived. If you upload a picture that looks like someone just kicked your puppy, don’t be surprised if nobody talks to you.

An added cool feature is that Gravatar actually requires you to give your picture a “rating” from “G” to “R”, just like how movies are rated. I love this feature. That way administrators of websites can restrict to a certain extent. Here on my blog, your Gravatar must be a PG or below. You can also upload multiple photos and manage multiple email addresses.

Have you gotten your Gravatar yet? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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13 responses to “Get A Gravatar”

  1. Joann Woolley Avatar
    Joann Woolley

    A friend told me about this maybe a year ago and I thought I had not done it yet as there are still some sites I reply to and get the blue ghost avatar – but I just attempted to create a profile and my email addy was already in the database so I tried logging in and I’ll be damned I have an account! But I can’t figure out why some places I still get the crappy blue ghost.

  2. DustinWStout Avatar

    Indeed! Gravatars are great!

  3. Bradley Avatar

    Yes! Never hear of Gravator before. Thanks. I think that will be very useful.

  4. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    I think most people just don’t know about it. That’s why I created this post! I’ll be referencing it everytime someone comments without a Gravatar! 😀

  5. David Willard Jr Avatar
    David Willard Jr

    LOL…Frankyly I don’t know why more people don’t get one. After the first time I replied to one of your posts I had to have one. It’s nicer to see you picture there to know it’s you that it answering and you haven’t accidently typed in the wrong email as I have done while on my BlackBerry before…lol.

  6. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Yea, I honestly can’t even think of all the places I’ve put my avatar. lol

  7. David Willard Jr Avatar
    David Willard Jr

    I try to match mine up when I notice I have missed one too. The only difference on mine is that my Twitter avatar has the POTSC logo on it.

  8. David Willard Jr Avatar
    David Willard Jr


  9. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    That’s good. I need to go through one day and make a list of everywhere I have an avatar… that could take a while.

  10. Adam Avatar

    Only a few… Not that bad.

  11. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Sweet! So when you update your Gravatar, how many other avatars will you be updating? I’m so OCD that ALL my properties must have the same exact picture. lol

  12. Adam Avatar

    Got mine! I think that I will be updating my picture soon…

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