How To: Social Media Series

social media series

There is a serious problem in America today. Well, scratch that, there are a lot of serious problems in America today. One of those problems, however small it may seem by comparison, is something I want to address on this blog.

The problem in which I am speaking of could be keeping you from being as effective as you should be in your career, organization, or even your personal life. This is a problem I will dedicate much of this blog to (aside from the reason it was first started). The problem I’m talking about is Social Media Unawareness.

“Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.”

If you haven’t seen this yet, it will blow your mind: Social Media Revolution

Social Media is here to stay, and I want YOU to be able to use it to your advantage. I want you to be able to effectively use it for your company, brand, organization, church, or just your social life. I want to help you become not only literate, but social media savvy. (I like the word ‘savvy’.)

To start the series off, I wanted to know what you have questions about. I have plenty of things I can start writing on (in fact I have about half a dozen post ideas stored in Evernote waiting to be written), but I honestly wanted to know what people are curious about, confused about, or just plain dumbfounded with. So, in the comments section below write whatever questions you have about social media. Ask anything! Anything at all! I dare you!

Some examples would be:

  • What’s a hashtag?
  • How do I get rid of annoying people in my Facebook stream?
  • How can I gauge my company’s social media effectiveness?
  • What is this secret code language that Twitter people seem to use?How in the world did Charlie Sheen get so many followers even though he’s a lunatic?

Stuff like that.

I will respond to every question that I can, and I may even dedicate an entire post to YOUR question! So what are you waiting for? ASK AWAY!

So far, I have covered the following topics:

  1. What Is Social Media
  2. The Top Social Sites You Should Be On
  3. Twitter for Beginners
  4. 5 Uses For Twitter Lists

This list will continue to grow, so be sure to check back to see how the series progresses!