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The Essential Guide to Sharing Images Online

Sharing images online is getting easier and more commonplace every day. With sites like Google+ and Pinterest putting such huge emphasis on great imagery, it’s never been more important to growing your online presence to know how to share great images with your growing audience.

In this new series I’m going to attempt to tackle the many aspects of sharing images online from legality and etiquette to original creation and best sizes to use.

Why This Is Important

To get noticed online you have to give people what they’re looking for. Photos, memes, infographics, inspirational fitness quotes and other visual stimuli are what’s grabbing people’s attention. Moreover, these are what people are sharing more than anything else. Good visuals spread like wildfire.

Knowing that visuals spread fast, it’s important not only to know how to do them well, but also to do them right. Sharing images responsibly and with a bit of developed skill can help accelerate your online presence and open opportunities and communications that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

So let’s not just share images online, let’s share them like a boss!

sharing images online like a boss

The Table of Contents

This post will serve as the anchor (or table of contents) for the series. I’ll update the links below as I publish each piece in the series so that you will always be able to come back and easily navigate to the piece you want to read up on.

The working list of topics I have in mind are:

I may add some to the list or change some of the current topics listed as the series progresses. This should serve as a basic outline though so you know what to expect.

In the comments below I would love it if you told me what questions, comments, or curiosities you have about the topic. Is there anything specifically you want me to cover? Any methods in which you want me to cover a particular topic?

Well, what are you waiting for?