• Boost Creativity with ChatGPT for Content Marketing

    Ready to take your content marketing game up a notch (or ten… or eleven)? Let’s dive into the futuristic world of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI language model that will have you feeling like Tony Stark. Using ChatGPT for content marketing will revolutionize the way you create content and engage with your audience. Developed by OpenAI…

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  • Stop Making Excuses: Your Voice Matters More Than You Think

    We’ve all had the thought at some point, β€œI don’t have anything to say because it’s all been said before.” Content overload is a real thing. There has never been a time in history where information has been more accessible and knowledgable people have been more prolific. And you may have this same fear that…

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  • 15 Places to Find the Creative Inspiration You Need

    A list of go-to sites guaranteed to spark your creative juices. The demand being placed on your creative capacities are ever-growing. The content monster needs to be fed. Your social stream needs to be supplemented. To keep the supply of creativity going you need inspiration. You need to constantly refill your creative tank. So I’ve…

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  • Think Big. Work Hard. Push Limits. Never Stop.

    We creatives will often get caught up in the day-to-day. Repetitive tasks, endless to-do lists, and lots of generally un-fun things. It’s easy to get caught up in the rut of a daily grind, and it’s no fun when you’re there. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and see the bigger picture…

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  • Press Start: No Permission Needed

    Press Start: No Permission Needed

    Our system is broken. Our culture is suffering. And the solution is more accessible than ever. So why are so many people not doing what they love? More than ever before we’re seeing that the old advice of “Go to school, get a degree, and you’ll get a good job,” just doesn’t work for the…

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  • Fighting Change: Have You Bought Into the Lie?

    There is a great divide when it comes to the topic of ‘change’. For some, it’s exciting and energizing. For others, it evokes passionate opposition. Just take a look at any time a social network makes changes. A new layout, a new look, an added feature and you will get a handful of people who…

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  • Kick Your Fear of Failure Once And For All

    Kick Your Fear of Failure Once And For All

    The fear of failure is something we can all relate to. It can stop us from reaching our greatest creative potential and stifle our dreams. And if we let it conquer us, we can end up looking back on our life with a pain greater than that of any failure we could encounter. I have…

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  • Stop Dreaming and Start Creating

    Stop Dreaming and Start Creating

    Creative people have a tendency to be dreamers. We can get lost for hours letting our brains drift off into endless possibilities. Sometimes though, we can become lost in the dream and forget to ever take action. I imagine it to be something like standing on top of a skyscraper overlooking an enormous city. Nobody…

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  • People Without Imagination

    People Without Imagination

    People without imagination will often ridicule yours. Don’t be afraid to imagine bigger. I was inspired to write this by a tweet from Justin Wise this morning. Always dream bigger.

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  • Is Your Creativity Being Stifled?

    Is Your Creativity Being Stifled?

    Have you ever felt creatively stifled? Could there be some external force inhibiting you from living up to your creative potential? Are you in an environment that tries to cage your creative side? I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Not only that, I’ve experienced it as well. Far too many times have I seen…

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