Instagram Image Sizes and Dimensions 2024: Everything You Need to Know

instagram image sizes

What are all the Instagram photo sizes and dimensions you need to know for 2024? How about Instagram video resolution and size ratios? Sit back and relax, because this post has it all covered.

After plenty of years of only standard square images and videos, Instagram opened up their platform to allow for portrait and landscape orientations. What?! That’s right! Life just got a little bit sweeter. These new Instagram sizes are a huge deal!

While most users don’t really care about their Instagram picture size, for those of us using Social Media to grow our business or brand, this makes repurposing content a lot easier. On top of that, the added variety makes Instagram a lot more interesting, more appealing, and more of a competitor to other platforms that we use.

First of all, I am personally excited about this development. In the past, I have felt constrained by the limitations of the standard square option and this change will affect the way I personally use Instagram.

So like usual, as soon as this Instagram change was live, I went to work dissecting and analyzing it to make sure I understand all the angles. Here is what I found…

Bonus: Are you in a hurry? Just grab my downloadable Instagram Image Templates at the bottom of this page.

The New Instagram Sizes

Just like my social media image templates, Instagram now has 3 image orientations:

  • Square
  • Landscape (horizontal)
  • Portrait (vertical)
  • Story (also vertical)

These 4 image orientations allow for greater versatility in creating all of your images. That is always a good thing, but it also means that you have to understand the constraints that are given.

Don’t worry though. Like I said, I went to work picking everything apart so you don’t have to. Keep reading to get the scoop.

Downloadable Templates

As I have consistently done in the past with my social media image templates, I’ve gone ahead and created a template for those of us looking to create custom graphics for Instagram. Feel free to add your email below and you can download my templates for free!

instagram image templates

Download the Instagram Image Templates

Just enter your email and the download link will be sent straight to your inbox. You’ll also be added to our email list and be the first to hear when new resources are available.

The templates include all of the sizes noted in the infographic at the bottom of this post. Use them as a starting point (like a blueprint) for all of your custom Instagram graphics.

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Square Photos and Videos

The standard square image on Instagram remains to be shown at a maximum of 600×600 pixels. This has been pretty much the same since day one.

It should be noted though that Instagram stores a version as large as 1080×1080 pixels. However, even on the largest of screens it seems they still display a maximum of 600×600.

My highest recommendation is to create images that are a minimum of 1080×1080 as they will give you the highest resolution asset for reuse on other platforms. Additionally, as more and more screens become higher in their pixel density, you will be future-proofing your images from being too small.

It’s also worth noting that square video has been found to be the most successful video size ratio across social networks.

Landscape Photos and video

This is another test… just move along here folks.

A post shared by Dustin W. Stout (@dustinwstout) on

For Instagram landscape images, the smallest I have tested on was at 1920×1080 which Instagram then displayed at 600×337. As it turns out, though, Instagram ended up storing a version that is 1080×607.

So the trend here is that no matter what size image you upload, Instagram is resizing it to a maximum width of 1080px and displaying a version with a maximum width of 600px.

Landscape videos also have a maximum display size of 600×336.5 (or 1200×673 in full view or retina display). This is very close to a typical 16:9 ratio that we see as the current cinematic standard in film & television.

Portrait Photos & “Vertical” Video

Vertical images (or portrait) will display at a maximum of 480×600 (or 960×1200 for retina display). However it looks like Instagram is storing the photos at a maximum of 1080×1350 on its servers. The aspect ratio is 4:5.

This is a pretty standard aspect ratio for photography, but video is a completely different animal.

Vertical videos on Instagram are roughly the same aspect ratio as vertical images. While the exact pixel resolution is a bit off, it’s not enough for anyone to notice. So when uploading a vertical video, just make sure it’s a 4:5 aspect ratio.

It’s not a pretty adjustment to make if you’re used to shooting 16:9 video, but for the added screen real estate you get, I think it’s definitely worth it.

Instagram Stories Size

Instagram Stories has ultimately been a wild success. Although it’s basically a Snapchat clone, people have taken to it like wildfire.

As such, once Instagram released the ability to upload images to your Stories, people started getting very creative with the graphics they used in them. Now, the problem with this is that the dimensions are dependent on the device that the Story is being viewed on. So this makes it rather difficult to standardize.

However, my highest recommendation is to take a portrait 9:16 ratio approach (a.k.a. landscape 16:9 rotated 90 degrees). In pixels that would mean 1080×1920. As long as you give enough whitespace around the edges, you should be fine.

IGTV Video Resolution

When Instagram introduced its new video-centric app, IGTV, it was met with both excitement and skepticism. For a brief moment, however, it was a very exciting new direction for Instagram.

Videos on IGTV show only in portrait orientation. So a 9:16 aspect ratio is ideal. This means your videos need to be a minimum of 1080×1920 resolution.

With the excitement around IGTV fading, Instagram decided to start showing previews of your IGTV videos in the main feed.

instagram mockup of igtv video

They looked like all other video inside the Instagram feed, but had a small message in the bottom-left corner, “Watch full IGTV video.” After a few seconds, this message shrinks down into just being an IGTV icon.

The other small caveat is that these IGTV videos will only show 60-seconds of the full video, forcing you to click the icon to view the full video.

What this signaled is that Instagram wants IGTV to continue to grow, and they’re willing to disrupt their main app experience to make it happen.

So, naturally, since a 9:16 ratio video won’t work in the feed interface, there is a bit of cropping that happens when an IGTV video is displayed.

IGTV video template explanation

When an IGTV video is shown in the main Instagram feed, it is cropped to the same 4:5 aspect ratio as portrait photos and videos uploaded natively.

This means your 1080×1920 resolution video gets cropped at the top and bottom and becomes a 1080×1350 resolution video.

I’ve added this video template to my download package for your convenience.

What does this mean for Instagram?

Personally, I think you’re going to see two kinds of users: the traditional and the people who like new things.

The traditional users will stick to their square photos and be fine with that. They have gotten used to it and want to maintain their purist culture.

The people who like new things will embrace these new dimensions and create a more diverse stream of visual content. Things will definitely be a bit more interesting.

If I were to bet, I would say that much like Pinterest we will see the taller images and videos (portrait) getting much more love than the square or (especially) landscape photos. The reason for this is that Instagram is still a mobile network, by a long shot.

Being a mobile dominated network this means that people’s habit of holding their phone in portrait will give the portrait images/videos a much better viewing experience. They will naturally cover more screen real estate garnering more attention.

So don’t be surprised if you see me update my Social Media Image Templates soon to include a new template or two. Be sure you’re subscribed to my Insiders list to make sure you’re notified when they’re updated.

Bonus: Instagram Sizes Infographic & Templates

Ultimately it is a wonderful thing that Instagram is switching things up by providing more options for users. I think it is a change for the better and reveals a lot about how Instagram listens to its users. They not only listen but deliver.

Because you read all the way to the end of the post (Woohoo!), I wanted to thank you (for real) by giving you this easy reference infographic of all the Instagram sizes.

Use it as a guide for when you’re creating images for Instagram from outside of Instagram so you can pull them in without worrying about cropping.

And FYI, you can easily save this in Pinterest by hitting the Pin button floating on this page. 😉

instagram image sizes infographic

Use This Image On Your Site

Simply copy the code below and paste it into your website to share it with your readers.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Instagram Image Sizes" width="600px" border="0" /></a><br />Image courtesy of <a href="" title="Dustin Stout | Social Media Resources and Insights">Dustin W. Stout</a>

Lastly, just in case you missed it, don’t forget to download my free templates before you leave. They’ll give you easy access to the latest dimensions and blueprints to create great imagery.

Save Time With Ready-Made Instagram Posts

Many of you reading this are probably capable of creating your own Instagram images. And that’s totally fine.

But some of you just don’t have the time. You’re thinking,

These templates are great! Now, if I could only find the time to create a bunch of perfectly sized Instagram content…

And I feel your pain. Running a business, an agency, and all the demands of a typical day make it hard to find time to create content.

That’s why I created—for those of you who want great Instagram content, but don’t always have the time to create it yourself. social media images

Our huge library of customizable templates are fast and easy to customize. And we’ve also created “collections” of designs which allow you to create multiple pieces of content with similar styles giving a unified look.

Just pick a template, fill in the fields, and click “Create.” It’s as easy as that.

So what are your thoughts about Instagram’s various post sizes? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    Vertical videos on Instagram are roughly the same aspect ratio as vertical images. While the exact pixel resolution is a bit off, it’s not enough for anyone to notice. So when uploading a vertical video, just make sure it’s a 4:5 aspect ratio.

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    I think somewhere in the article above I talked about how they will reduce the size of your image to optimize for lower bandwidth and lower resolution screens, so it’s best that you upload an already optimized image to ensure a minimal amount of deresolution from Instagram.

    At the end of the day, upload your image at 1080×1350 and 72 dpi. Then run it through some image optimization to make sure the file size is as low as possible.

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    I do the 1080 by 1350 300 dpi 73% and everything looks great at first but after around 24 h the quality of the image changes and it looks terrible. Maybe even though I compress the file size is too big and instagram still reduces it as my camera is 45 megapixels. I messaged some of other photographers on instagram and they say that they change the px to 2000 x 2500 and quality at 100%. One of them said that he reduces the dpi to 72 also. Anyways Im even more confused now, help please

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    I completely understand your frustration. I think it was more of a simplicity aspect than anything else. Their engineers trying to balance visual + social in a way that allowed you to scroll endlessly (keeping you in the app longer). I think some limitation is good–forces creativity to go further.

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    Where you said “landscape”, you probably meant to say “portrait”. That means the aspect ratio will also change from 16:9 to 9:16.

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    So I think the big thing with video is that there’s no way of knowing:

    1. How Instagram processes resolution
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    Trying to get specific with video resolution seems to be a waste of time.

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    I have an account i use to test the images/videos before posting to my main account. I finally found the video format/aspect ratio that looked best on my tester account, then went and uploaded to my main account and it was blurry, all pixelated. The literal same file that i had uploaded to my tester account on the same phone, same IP address/WIFI connection.

    Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

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    Hi, Karen. Since I’m not a video expert, I can’t really speak about this with any certainty. Instagram hasn’t given any public guidelines for video uploads that I’m aware of.

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    You will want to get the higher pixels. The 500px image will look lower quality (pixelated) and Instagram is all about high quality imagery.

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    All the sizes are listed in the blog post above. Maybe I’m not understanding your question properly?

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    I’m so glad you brought this up, Jason. It’s something I’m still confused about having looked at the source code on Instagram. However, I think your best bet is to create the 1080×1920 video and then just know not to put anything too close to the top/bottom that you don’t want to be cropped.

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    Can you elaborate on the vertical video resolution? 481×599.484 ?? That’s still a landscape resolution. Did you mean 600×481? And can you tell us exactly what the stories resolution needs to be. Instagram official is 1080×1920 but if you produce a video for motion graphics in an editor and upload that size, the video is scaled up and much of the design is cropped out.

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    You mean for Live video?

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    Hello Tiffany. I use on laptop to custom format my landscape images to the 1080 x 1080 size. I make sure the width is sized to 1080dpi and then set the image “canvas size” to 1080dpi in height to create the square formating. it takes relatively little time at all for me once i went thru the process a couple of times. you can see what i have done on my Instagram page I hope this helps. 🙂

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    Shawn McCairne

    1080 x 566 is what was being given by another website concerning image sizing.
    Checking back on your website, under the banner “Instaguide Image Guide, The 4 Sizes You Should Know since you’re no longer limited to just squares”, you specify landscape images at 1080 x 608, but let’s not quibble over 1px. Because I am using a laptop, i cannot post images, so I am passing them along to a friend who is posting for me and i assume she is using her phone to do that. For image editing, I am using paint-dot-net as my main editor and Faststoneimageview for more simple editting. For now, i am posting my landscape images as square images by making them 1080px wide adding to the “canvas size” to make it 1080px in height. My instagram blog is so you can see what I am doing image-wise. the last 2 images were my first to submit that were cropped when instagram posted them. THANK YOU for your concern and your quick response.

  70. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    I’d have to see what you’re talking about to get a good picture of what you mean. Also, the dimensions I mentioned in the above article are 1080×607… not sure why you’re attempting 1080×566.

    It would also be helpful to know:

    • Are you posting these directly to Instagram or using some sort of app/software to auto post for you?
    • What design software are you using to crop/save images before uploading to Instagram?
  71. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Hm… dunno. Seems to work for dozens of other people on a daily basis. Technology is funny like that. Off the top of my head it could be:

    1. Server load is too much to process in a timely manner
    2. Maybe you’re not waiting long enough
    3. Your internet connection isn’t consistent and therefore keeps timing out the request
    4. Your IP could be blocked due to suspicious request attempts
    5. Your operating system has errors/conflicts with the web page javascript

    And I’m sure there’s plenty more things that could contribute to a failing or untimely processing of a submission form.

  72. Shawn McCairne Avatar
    Shawn McCairne

    Okay, so i’ve tried formatting my landscape images to both the 1080 x 608 and 1080 x 566 sizes, but when posted to Instagram, they become severely cropped in width. What am i missing here? Thank you.

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  74. Tiffany Avatar

    Thanks for your response. I know I need to use the square format but a lot of feeds appear to be vertical and horizontal images – ie, the whole image can be seen but there is white space around it so it is still technically a square and the grid is still a grid, there’s just a lot of white space showing. I think it’s probably because people use something like Canva to create a square shape with the whole image placed in the middle. I’m just not finding it very easy and thought there must be a quick answer.

  75. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Yes, phone screens, laptops, monitors, and tablets ALL have higher than 72dpi these days. But websites aren’t going to serve up different resolutions based on the device. There has to be a set standard, otherwise web design/development would be exponentially complicated. This is why 72dpi for digital is still the only necessary resolution.

  76. Gibiri Avatar

    Thats not true. Phones and tablets nowadays have higher resolutions than 72 dpi.

  77. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Hi Tiffany! That’s a great question. Unfortunately, Instagram will not allow images in the grid to be anything other than square thumbnails.

  78. tiffany Avatar

    The bit I still can’t understand is how to I make my landscape and portrait images appear as landscape and portrait in my grid? I don’t like them cropped to squares in grid view.

    Do I need to make each of them into a custom graphic in a square shape before uploading? That seems really time consuming! Is there maybe a plugin or another app that does it for me?


  79. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Oh, interesting. I haven’t tried that or heard anything like that before, Peter. Glad you got it worked out. I’ll see if I can give that a try sometime next week to see if I have the same problem. Thanks for sharing this!

  80. Peter Avatar

    Very useful article Dustin, but it didn’t address the reason I came looking for some information. I’ve been trying to post my first series of three images (a panorama) But every time I try to uploaded the upload failed. Normally Instagram has no problem downsizing my images but my thought was that it didn’t like having a series of three images to do that with. I eventually Used another app to downsize each image to 607 x 607 and that finally worked. Have you heard of a size restriction for the Instagram carrousel feature? Thanks for your help.

  81. Andrea Brown Avatar

    Great info! Easy reference for sizes we all need to know.

  82. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Unfortunately, Instagram decides what quality to output. There’s nothing you can do about it. :/

  83. Vette Jones Avatar
    Vette Jones

    I have a video that I want to upload that 64MB & 720 Res. Every time i upload the video, Instagram keeps decreasing the quality from the original. How Can I upload the same original quality video to Instagram without it being altered?

  84. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Hmm… I think the only way to do that would be to dig into the source code and find the image link for the 1080 version.

  85. José Pinto Avatar
    José Pinto

    Hey there, why when I download a photo from Instagram Web, it only has 600×600 as default? Is there a way to download them in a higher resolution?

  86. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    I know exactly what you mean Ivano. Pretty annoying isn’t it?

  87. Ivano Forgione Avatar
    Ivano Forgione

    My main gripe with this is that you can’t crop directly on Instagram stories. Otherwise, i really like my Instagram experience these days

  88. Roman Avatar

    All devices is 72 dpi max, more dpi’s is only for printing!

  89. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Great question Jayme! As with all things digital, 72 is the standard. Only reason you would do higher dpi is for printed materials.

  90. Jayme Halbritter Avatar
    Jayme Halbritter

    So any thoughts on dpi?



  91. Brian Boden Avatar
    Brian Boden

    Very helpful. Thanks!

  92. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Ah… maybe I need to try that!

  93. Tom Hallman Avatar
    Tom Hallman

    Ha…have since figured it out. After clicking for the 5:4 ratio, then adding the other pix, I needed to “finger-squeeze” or swipe smaller to resize, then it snapped into place. Done. Prior to today, I didn’t ever need to do that. And so it goes. Thx for the reply.

  94. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Yea, I’ve only ever been able to do square images in the carousel on Instagram. I think maybe the glitch was that you had the ability to do it and the rest of us didn’t! lol

  95. Tom Hallman Avatar
    Tom Hallman

    On Instagram, after weeks of running smoothly when posting multi images on a single post at the 5:4 ratio (1200-960), my new posts are now only shown as a square. I’m posting identically as in the past. Feels like a glitch. Thoughts?

  96. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    You’re welcome!

  97. JS Avatar

    Great resource thank you!

  98. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Hi Gabriel! You’ll need to submit the form in order to get the download links. If it’s not submitting, maybe try a different browser?

  99. Gabriel Avatar

    Awesome content Dustin, thanks for sharing. There seems to be a problem with the templates’ download button, it’s not working for me at least. Do you mind sending them to the email i’m writing down here?

    Thanks in advance, and good luck with future posts 🙂

  100. Riccardo Avatar

    Thank you Mr co-founder, it’s awesome! 🙂

  101. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Hi Riccardo! Thanks for the compliments. The social sharing plugin I use is one I co-founded called, Social Warfare.

  102. Riccardo Avatar

    Hi Dustin, very good job on your blog, it looks awesome and there’s really good quality content! Can I ask you what plugin do you use for the social share at the bottom of your pages? Thank you very much

  103. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention Jane! Turns out the last time I updated this article the Pinterest image wasn’t updated. I’ve now fixed that and you can go ahead and hit the pin button to get the most updated image. 😀

  104. Jane Goff Avatar
    Jane Goff

    Hi Dustin, informative post, thank you. When I pinned it the image is different; I noticed it on the portrait dimensions. I assume the above numbers are correct. Thanks again, J

  105. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    You’re welcome Ghena!

  106. Ghena Avatar

    Great read!! Thank you so much, this was very helpful!!

  107. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    I save 4 versions of every image I create and I use the size templates I’ve included in my Social Media Image Templates. These templates include:

    • 1920×1080 (blog image, Twitter image, and potentially slides or YouTube Thumbnail)
    • 1080×1080 (Instagram square and Facebook image post)
    • 735×1080 (Pinterest, Instagram portrait–will get cropped)
    • 1200×630 (Facebook link image)

    Hope that helps.

  108. Brandi Soileau Avatar

    I have a question. What is the process of saving, at what size, for when I’m taking portrait pictures on my Nikon, uploading to Lightroom to edit, and exporting from there? I upload these pics for my blog and also Instagram. What should I be saving them as, dimension wise in pixels, when I want to upload to my blog vs when I want to upload to instagram, without having to crop any part of the photo, or without having to use the white border on instagram, essentially making the picture smaller?

  109. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Well if these images are for your website, only you’ll be able to decide what the right size is. If you’re website is built to be properly mobile responsive (as it should be) then it doesn’t matter how big the images are as they’ll just automatically adjust to fit the container you place them in. You do want to optimize them as much as possible though to ensure fast load times.

  110. janet Avatar

    Thank you, Dustin, for your reply. I’m about to create a webpage (website) with photos. They should be clear, but I don’t think they should be big, necessarily. I was thinking 800 for the smallest side would be good enough, especially if exported under the *highest* quality. This, on my retina screen iMac is a clear, 7″ photo, which allows examination without taking over the entire screen. Any thoughts? Would love to hear your input. Janet

  111. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Well, at first I had the same reasoning–it should just be 600×600. But then I took into account retina displays (like iPhones) and realized that the 600×600 would be a much lower quality. And since I’m creating all my images in a 1080 height, it just makes my job easier when I’m creating multiple versions of the same image for different networks.

  112. Janet Kessler Avatar
    Janet Kessler

    So, WHY then would you use 1080×1080 for the square (which I am now using), if all that can be displayed is 600×600? Is this simply for reposting elsewhere? You say that even on the biggest screens all that will be displayed is 600 x 600. It’s logical that for a hand-held device that all that will be seen is the smaller size.

  113. Patrick Miller Avatar
    Patrick Miller

    I think it is great

  114. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Thanks for the link Louise. I’ve read through their documentation thoroughly. I like to look at the actual output–the HTML of the page is as accurate as you can get.

    This screenshot is taken on a 15″ MacBook Pro with retina display (meaning the pixel density is twice that of a normal computer screen). Even on the highest resolution screen the photo is shown at 600×600 with the html showing a larger version of 1080×1080. No 640 in sight.

  115. Louise Myers Avatar

    Sorry, just seeing this now. Here’s the scoop direct from IG:

    I don’t have a link but have read that they have no plans to support 1080 on desktop. But it should be 640 on desktop if you’re posting that size or larger. That was the size before they upgraded to 1080.

  116. Dustin W. Stout Avatar

    Yea, I can see in the source code that they will store a 1080×1080 version but the actual display (at least from web) is 600×600 even on my 21″ iMac. Are you seeing an actual 1080×1080 displayed somewhere? If so, it would be great to know what size/resolution screen you’re seeing this on.

  117. Louise Myers Avatar

    Hey Dustin,
    Instagram upsized to 1080 squares on July 6. The landscape can go as small as 1.91 to 1, which I figure at 1080 x 566. Portrait to 1080 x 1350.

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